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Senior Care

At Williamsburg Animal Hospital, we absolutely love our senior patients! They have been with us through the ups and downs and all arounds of life. It is our responsibility to provide for their best quality of life possible.

As pets age, their health can change quickly. Remember, dogs and cats age much faster than we do! We promote proactive preventative health care and continue this into our senior patients.

Your senior pet may start to show early signs of change and we want to help as quickly as we can. These are some but not all signs to monitor for if something new is starting:


  • Limping

  • Difficulty rising

  • Increased thirst and/or urination

  • Change in vision

  • Change in cognitive function/seizures

  • Change in breath

  • Change in bark

  • Decreased activity

  • Increased panting

  • Change in appetite (increased or decreased)

  • Sudden weight gain or weight loss

  • Increased vomiting

  • Night vocalizing (cats specifically)

Please know that we always have your pet’s best interest at heart when we are making our recommendations. If you have questions or need help with any new ailment that starts to arise, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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We proudly serve the pets of Williamsburg, Traverse City, Kalkaska, Rapid City, Elk Rapids, Fife Lake, Kingsley and beyond.

We appreciate you entrusting us with your beloved pet’s care.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to your family member and with you,  the pet owner, as well!

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