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Annual Exams

At Williamsburg Animal Hospital, our goal is to prevent disease (though we are here if/when Fluffy gets sick too). In order to provide care, we are required to have a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) by law. We want to develop a friendly, trusting relationship with you and your companion.

Yearly and twice yearly (depending on the needs of your pet) exams allow us to stay up to date with your pet’s health. We will perform a complete physical exam, require a heartworm/tick test yearly, fecal exam, and recommend yearly bloodwork as well. Chronic medications may require yearly or twice yearly bloodwork screening. Annual bloodwork allows us to see what your pet looks like normally vs. when they are going through a disease or infectious process. We can monitor trends and catch diseases earlier than waiting for clinical signs to arise. Yearly exams also help us catch things like weight gain or loss, skin masses, dental disease, orthopedic conditions, and others that creep up as they age (just like us!).

We are happy to go over any questions you may have at these appointments too!

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Parasite Prevention

As shared above, we require yearly heartworm/tick borne disease testing, called a 4Dx Test. With tick borne diseases on the rise, we can detect them before they cause a problem, going over what signs to monitor for and the importance of prevention. Fecal tests are also required yearly as they will pick up parasites and protozoa in your animal’s stool. Unfortunately, we can actually get some of these parasites (zoonosis) and so can our 2-legged kiddos.

We will go over monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventions at your appointment. We have access to all of these options on our online pharmacy and have several we carry in clinic. Please ask us more about these if you have further questions at your appointment!



 We will always discuss what is best for your dog or cat’s lifestyle first!

Along with heartworm and flea/tick prevention, vaccines are another disease prevention tool. We will discuss the schedule for your new puppy or kitten at their first visit. However, vaccines do not stop at this stage. Keeping up to date is key for a healthy pet. Vaccines help prime the immune system to fight off certain infections. For dogs, vaccines we provide are distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, leptospirosis, lyme, Bordetella, and influenza. For cats, we have panleukopenia, feline herpesvirus, feline calicivirus, and feline leukemia virus. Rabies is required for both dogs and highly recommended for cats.

WAH follows the guidelines outlined by American Animal Hospital Association and American Association of Feline Practioners.

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We proudly serve the pets of Williamsburg, Traverse City, Kalkaska, Rapid City, Elk Rapids, Fife Lake, Kingsley and beyond.

We appreciate you entrusting us with your beloved pet’s care.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to your family member and with you,  the pet owner, as well!

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